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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I reserve equipment? What do I need to reserve equipment?

A.  Just call or come into the showroom to reserve your equipment. We can assist you with any questions you might have. We do require some basic information: name, address, and phone number. To confirm your reservation we will take a 50% security deposit. We must have a credit card saved on file for all confirmed reservations.

Q.  May I change/cancel my reservation?

A.  All cancellations must be made at least 7 days prior to the delivery or will-call date. A 50% cancellation charge will apply to any rental items cancelled less than seven (7) days prior to delivery/will-call. A 100% cancellation charge will apply to items cancelled within 48 hours of the delivery/will-call date.

All orders that include tents, must be cancelled no less than 14 days prior to delivery.

Any additions to your order must be given to our sales team by 2pm two (2) days prior to your delivery date. Any additions made within that timeframe, we will try to accommodate as best we can. If we are able to accommodate, an additional contract will be written and a 30% change fee pf the new order will be charged. No additional fee will be charged if you are able to pick up the additional items at our will-call.

Q.  When and how do I pay?

A.  The remaining total is due in full upon pick up for will-call items or on the delivery date. If items are returned in damaged condition, dirty, or are not returned at all, Big 4 will apply the full replacement cost or repair cost to your invoice. The customer is responsible for any outstanding balance due payable within fourteen (14) days after the event date. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards, cash, or your personal or company check, made payable to Big 4 Party. If you are tax exempt, you must pay with a check or credit card from the organization claiming the exemption and have a tax exempt letter on file with us. If your check is returned for insufficient funds, you will pay a $35.00 fee.

Q.  Are there delivery charges?

A.  Yes, any special charges depend on your location and the time and date of the delivery or pick up. Deliveries or pick ups outside our normal business hours are available for an additional charge.

Q.  What are Big 4 Party’s hours of operation and where are you located?

A.  Please refer to our Directions & Store Hours page.

Q.  What about delivery and pick up schedules?

A.  We will make arrangements with you for delivery and pick up. Any delivery required outside our normal delivery hours is subject to additional charges. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule, however standard delivery times are anytime during our business hours. If you require time specific delivery or pickup, please let your event consultant know and we will adjust and charge accordingly. We prefer to arrange delivery one day before your event and pick up one day after your event. We appreciate your patience in the event of unforeseen circumstances that require us to deviate from our plans.

Q.  What if I experience an unexpected situation after hours?

A.  Big 4 Party does have an after-hour emergency number so that you can get in touch with one of our event coordinators should an unexpected situation arise. We want you to be assured that you are not alone in your event planning! Please call our phone number at (415) 413-4450 and you will be directed to our after-hours employee on call.

Q.  What are my responsibilities while I have the equipment?

A.  All rental equipment is and remains the property of Big 4 Party Rental LLC and is to be used ONLY by you for the event/time for which it is rented. You reserve the equipment for a specific time and are responsible for the rental price, even if you do not use the equipment.

You are responsible for keeping the equipment in good condition from the time it is delivered/picked up until it is returned to our driver or to our office. You are expected to exercise ordinary care to safeguard the equipment. Equipment must be protected from weather at all times. If you pick up the equipment, you must be able to transport it safely and bring adequate straps to secure the equipment into your vehicle. Any water damage, or damage outside normal wear will be subject to additional charges, repair or replacement.

Prior to pick up, all items should be placed together in an accessible area, where we delivered the equipment.

Q.  Do I have to wash equipment before I return it?

A.  Tables and chairs must be free of soil, staples or tape. Please DO NOT use staples on the tables. If these items are returned otherwise, you will be charged an additional fee.

All glassware, concession equipment, and food service equipment should be returned rinsed, and in the containers/packaging materials in which they were delivered. Please return glassware upside down in their appropriate crate. If dishes and glassware are returned excessively dirty, there will be an additional cleaning fee charged to you. Charcoal grills must be free of charcoal and ash and cool before returned. Propane grills should also be free of excess food.

Q.  Do I have to wash the linens?

A.  No. Linens are to be returned dry and free of food, wax, and debris. Any tears, rips, stains, mildew, candle wax damage will be subject to additional fees over and above the original rental charge. Do not place them in plastic bags after use. This will mildew the linens and a replacement charge will apply.

Q.  What about stairs, elevators, and other obstacles?

A.  All deliveries and pickups are to first floor locations, within 20 feet of the delivery truck, unless you specify otherwise. Carry-in away from the tailgate of the truck will require additional charges. If we arrive to deliver or pick up and encounter stairs or limited access that were not identified when the order was confirmed, there will be a portage fee. This fee is charged based on the number of employees your order requires and the time it takes them to deliver the items. You will be responsible for any additional charges necessary to address the situation. We will gladly set up and/or take down our tables and chairs, for an additional fee, if scheduled ahead of time. Tents, staging, pipe and drape, and dance floor pricing includes set-up and/or take-down charges in normal situations.

Q.  Why is it important that I know how many of each item I receive and return?

A.  We make every effort to assure an accurate count of the equipment you rent from us. When we deliver the equipment, you should check our count against the contract. If you are not present at the time of delivery, check over your order and call us, within 24 hours, if there are any discrepancies. You will be responsible for any discrepancies in the count at the time the equipment is returned to us.

Q.  What is Damage Waiver (DW)?

A.  Big 4 Party offers Damage Waiver (DW), which provides our customers coverage in case of breakage or damage to any of our rental equipment. This protection offers peace of mind for any event for a reasonable fee. The fee is a small percentage of your rental total. Damage Waiver does not cover loss of items.

Q.  Does Big 4 Party give donations?

A.  We only give consideration to donations if this form is filled out and submitted by email or fax.